Creating the ONE FROM ANOTHER pieces began with my love of thrift and antique shops, and my curiosity about the objects that end up in these shops. I sifted through bins and jars and tables full of personal artifacts to select objects for casting, seeking out things whose function for a new owner may not be obvious. Whereas items like chairs, bowls, lamps, etc. typically have the same function no matter the owner, things like perfume bottles, clock keys, and medals don't have an obvious continuity of function. These things always make me wonder about their previous lives and owners, and have a fascinating sense of persona about them.

Aware of the history of the selected items, I found that the intensive porcelain casting process was a perfect tribute to their unknown provenance, in that casting small and delicate objects requires diligence, care and precision.

I chose to turn the final cast pieces into jewelry to give new life in some way to the discarded personal artifacts. It seems fitting that the pieces now adorn new owners, and function in new ways.